Gallery Solace - The Great War 1914-1918


7th JANUARY 1916
Total United Kingdom Forces Killed today 452

ALLARS  W G Rifleman '2046' London Regiment 17th Bn. France
ARMSTRONG JOHN LAIDLAW J L Serjeant '14105' Highland Light Infantry 16th Bn. France
BABER ADRIAN A Rifleman 'B/1905' Rifle Brigade 7th Bn. France
BAILLIE DUNCAN D Rifleman 'C/1193' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
BRIDGES ERNEST ARTHUR E A Private '3/10226' Norfolk Regiment 8th Bn. France
CAPELL ALBERT WILLIAM A W Corporal 'Z/13' Rifle Brigade 8th Bn. Belgium
CHANDLER I W Private '15838' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. Belgium
CLAPP HENRY H Private '10139' 4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish) France
CLAYTON LOUIS L Sapper '51014' Royal Engineers 152nd Field Coy. France
COLBOURNE LOUIS L Serjeant 'PS/3639' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
COLE  J E Corporal '16420' Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 1st Coy. Belgium
DOWNER JOHN THOMAS J T Rifleman '4690' London Regiment 17th Bn. France
FERGUSON WILLIAM W Corporal '1870' West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 5th Bn. France
GLOVER  W Private '47785' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 2nd/4th Bn. France
GODDARD W Private '16966' Worcestershire Regiment "A" Coy. 10th Bn. France
GOODRAM C Corporal 'G/6656' Royal Fusiliers 13th Bn. France
GOSLING WILLIAM JOSEPH W J Acting Bombardier '40079' Royal Horse Artillery "D" Bty. 3rd Bde. France
GRAY HARRY H Private 'M2/045544' Army Service Corps 135th Coy. France
GREENHALGH TOM PIERCE T P Private '24482' The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 20th Bn. France
HERNAGE  H E Private '8901' East Surrey Regiment 9th Bn. Belgium
HETHERINGTON R Private '5/3106' Northumberland Fusiliers 5th Bn. Belgium
HILL  H Private '2515' Lancashire Fusiliers 2nd/5th Bn. France
HILL  T Lance Serjeant '4494' East Surrey Regiment 9th Bn. Belgium
HOLLINGSHURST FREDERICK L. F L Rifleman '4460' London Regiment 1st/17th Bn. France
HUSSEY CHARLES ROBERT C R Serjeant '1242' London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 6th Bn. France
HUXSTEP GEORGE ARTHUR G A Private 'S/9463' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
KIRBY  W Private '31682' Welsh Regiment 19th Bn. France
LAXTON  J E Private 'G/6772' Royal Fusiliers 13th Bn. France
LOCKETT  J A Rifleman '5064' London Regiment 17th Bn. France
LUCAS WILLIAM GEORGE W G Lance Serjeant '14004' Coldstream Guards 4th Bn. France
McINTOSH J H Private '9132' Seaforth Highlanders 8th Bn. France
McLAUGHLIN JOHN J Pioneer '117552' Royal Engineers 6th Labour Bn. France
O'NEILL  J Private '4051' Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Bn. France
ORROM  H A Serjeant 'S/6026' Rifle Brigade 8th Bn. Belgium
PATTEN  C Corporal '4413' London Regiment 17th Bn. France
PAYNE CHARLIE C Rifleman 'S/13021' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
PAYNE ROBERT EAST R E Serjeant '4517' 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own) France
PETO  J Corporal 'S/11960' Rifle Brigade 1st Bn. France
PIMM JOSEPH STANLEY J S Private 'G/5024' Royal Fusiliers 13th Bn. France
PRICE  J Private '8400' Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Bn. Belgium
PRICE  W B Serjeant 'C/103' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
ROE  F L Second Lieutenant South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Bn. France
ROTHERY ARTHUR WILLIAM A W Sub-Conductor '05350' Army Ordnance Corps 21st Coy. France
SANDS THOMAS T Rifleman 'B/2115' Rifle Brigade 7th Bn. Belgium
SCOTT ROBERT R Private '19639' Yorkshire Regiment 10th Bn. France
SCOTT  W H Lance Corporal '2030' East Yorkshire Regiment 1st/4th Bn. Belgium
SELBY  G Gunner '2416' Royal Field Artillery "B" Bty. 122nd Howitzer Bde. France
SHINE  A D Lance Corporal 'G/1315' Royal Fusiliers 13th Bn. France
SMITH  A G Rifleman '3405' London Regiment 17th Bn. France
STEVENS  E Serjeant '6853' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Bn. France
TALLACK  W F N Rifleman '4815' London Regiment 17th Bn. France
THOMAS RALPH HENRY R H Rifleman 'S/13361' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
TOWNSEND S Pioneer '125191' Royal Engineers 11th Labour Bn. France
TRAIN ALBERT A Corporal '12085' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. France
TUCK  G C Private '14265' Norfolk Regiment 1st Bn. France
WADDINGTON JOHN WILLIAM J W Private '19317' Suffolk Regiment 7th Bn. France
WADE  J Private 'G/11040' Royal Fusiliers 13th Bn. France
WARD CHARLES SANFORD C S Lieutenant Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bn. France
WHITEWAY HAROLD H Private 'G/12071' Royal Fusiliers 13th Bn. France
WHITLOCK FRANK TALBOT F T Rifleman 'Z1610' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
WILSON JAMES J Private '5221' Royal Fusiliers No. 2 Coy. 12th Bn. Belgium

6th JANUARY 1916
Total United Kingdom Forces Killed today 136

ABREHART H Private '3539' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st Bn. France
BINNING  J W Lance Corporal '19689' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
BOFFEY EDWARD E Private '23146' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
BROWNSWORD J Private '6356' ALIAS  France
COLEMAN EDWARD ARTHUR E A Rifleman 'S/9017' Rifle Brigade "C" Coy. 9th Bn. Belgium
COTTER JOHN J Gunner '3578' Royal Garrison Artillery 31st Siege Bty. France
CROWHURST ALFRED GEORGE A G Rifleman 'A/2125' King's Royal Rifle Corps 9th Bn. Belgium
CURTIS ARCHIE CLEMENT A C Private '15751' Bedfordshire Regiment "C" Coy. 7th Bn. France
CUTLER  E A Lance Corporal '3060' Coldstream Guards 3rd Bn France
DAINTY  C Private '2245' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France
DAVIES LEONARD L Gunner '28872' Royal Field Artillery "A" Bty. 90th Bde. France
EDWARDS GEORGE HENRY G H Private '37261' Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. France
ELLERY JOHN J Private '6192' 4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish) France
FANNAN  J Private '13057' York and Lancaster Regiment 10th Bn. France
FITCH-JONES GEORGE EDWARD G E Serjeant 'M2/020811' Army Service Corps France
GILBERT  W Private '18346' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 10th Bn. France
GILKS  W G Serjeant '384' Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
GLEW ALFRED ERNEST A E Private '20824' 18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars France
GOODWIN J Private '6356' North Staffordshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
GREEN WILLIAM W Driver 'T4/037715' Army Service Corps "B" Bty. 33rd Div. Train France
HARE  S Private '5485' Lincolnshire Regiment 8th Bn. France
HARE  S Private '8426' Bedfordshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
HARRISON GODFREY G Private '15365' York and Lancaster Regiment 10th Bn. France
HOSTELLER A E Private '1457' Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 7th Bn. France
HUNT FREDERICK F Private '5228' Manchester Regiment 12th Bn. Belgium
ISAACS ALEXANDER A Rifleman '6044' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
JONES ROBERT R Lance Corporal '15160' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 10th Bn. Belgium
JUBB SAMUEL HOLT S H Private '10448' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
KING  W Private '17819' Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 3rd Bn. France
LEVINGSTON HERBERT H Lance Serjeant '1815' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
LILLEY  J Private '46095' Royal Army Medical Corps 73rd Field Amb France
MAHON JOHN HENRY J H Lance Corporal '14155' Royal Fusiliers 9th Bn. France
MAJOR  C R Lance Corporal '293' East Surrey Regiment 7th Bn. France
MIRFIN  A H Private '5/17473' Leicestershire Regiment 8th Bn. France
MITCHELL  E T Serjeant '58214' Royal Field Artillery 117th Bty. 26th Bde. France
MORGAN EDWIN E Private '1750' Yorkshire Regiment 1st/4th Bn. Belgium
MORRISON LACHLAN ALLAN L A Second Lieutenant South Lancashire Regiment 4th Bn. Belgium
MUDIE HAROLD BOLINGBROKE H B Captain  Army Service Corps France
McCARTAN HUGH H Private '3/9134' Durham Light Infantry 2nd Bn. Belgium
McDONALD ANDREW A Rifleman 'S/12900' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
PERRETT  A Lance Corporal '19698' York and Lancaster Regiment 10th Bn. France
PERRY GEORGE THOMAS G T Private '15/961' Royal Warwickshire Regiment 15th Bn. France
PORTER  G A Private '1314' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st Bn. France
PROUTEN  H Lance Corporal '9716' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Bn. France
ROBINSON JAMES J Gunner '59248' Royal Field Artillery 117th Bty. 27th Bde. France
ROBINSON WILLIAM W Private '9/2840' Durham Light Infantry 1st/9th Bn. Belgium
ROGERS FRANCIS LYTTELTON LLOYD F L L Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery "D" Bty. 75th Bde. France
RUSSELL FREDERICK THOMAS F T Rifleman '3716' London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) 1st/18th Bn. France
SLENDER  C Private 'SR/497' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
SMITH HARRY H Private 'G/5239' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
SMITH PERCY P Serjeant '1447' York and Lancaster Regiment 5th Bn. France
STREATFIELD LEONARD CHARLES L C Rifleman 'Reg/12340' King's Royal Rifle Corps 9th Bn. Belgium
STUBBS  W A Private '9463' Grenadier Guards 2nd Bn. France
WALTON  J Private '14865' King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 7th Bn. France
WARBURTON JOHN J Private '15682' Manchester Regiment 12th Bn. Belgium
WATSON THOMAS BORTHWICK T B Private '1696' Northumberland Fusiliers 1st/5th Bn. Belgium
WEST  E Private '17749' York and Lancaster Regiment 10th Bn. France
WHITE HARRY H Rifleman 'S/12017' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
WILDING  C Private '17330' East Yorkshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
WILKES  A C Lance Corporal '3796' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st Bn. France
WILKINS BERNARD IVAN B I Second Lieutenant Yorkshire Regiment 9th Bn. France
WILSON  J H Lance Corporal '14155' ALIAS  France
WINSTONE HARRY THOMAS H T Bombardier '28632' Royal Field Artillery "A" Bty. 90th Bde. France
WOOD  A Private '21036' Durham Light Infantry 13th Bn. France

5th JANUARY 1916
Total United Kingdom Forces Killed today 166

AMED  D Private '17592' East Yorkshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
AXON  E Private '14418' Cheshire Regiment 10th Bn France
BAINBRIDGE ARTHUR A Bombardier '1249' Royal Field Artillery 3rd (Northumbrian) Bde. Belgium
BATCHELOR N V Rifleman '1521' London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles) "B" Coy. Belgium
BESWICK  S Rifleman 'S/7793' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
BIBBY RICHARD R Rifleman 'Z/268' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
BIRTWHISTLE GEORGE G Rifleman 'S/30281' Rifle Brigade 12th Bn. France
BOLTON  J Private '6430' 18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars France
BROWN  E Acting Bombardier '76344' Royal Field Artillery 76th Div. Ammunition Col. France
BYFORD HENRY EDWARD H E Lance Corporal '6983' 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers Belgium
COLLINSON W H Second Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers 6th Bn. Belgium
COOPE  T Private '17040' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 7th Bn. France
COTTRELL  A V Private '10345' South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Bn. Belgium
COUPLAND GEORGE G Bombardier '1613' Royal Field Artillery 2nd Northumbrian Bde. Belgium
COWELL  T Private '16969' Durham Light Infantry 2nd Bn. Belgium
CRAGGS CHARLES HENRY C H Private '11302' Northumberland Fusiliers 12th Bn. France
DAVIES JOHN F. J F Private 'G/41728' Middlesex Regiment 20th Bn France
DRIVER FRED F Private '18542' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 7th Bn. France
ELLIOTT  F Private '7163' 4th Dragoon Guards (Royal Irish) France
ENGLAND G Private '18751' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
FLYNN TIMOTHY T Private '10948' 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers Belgium
GALLEY ALBERT A Private '2557' ALIAS  France
GILLMAN  C Corporal '47770' Royal Garrison Artillery 12th Trench Mortar Bty. France
HARDING HERBERT HARRY HUBERT H H H Gunner '31696' Royal Garrison Artillery 59th Bty. France
HARRHY FRANK F Private '24424' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 10th Bn. Belgium
HARRISON J A Lance Corporal '683' Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
HENDERSON J Private '10325' Northumberland Fusiliers 12th Bn. France
HILL THOMAS T Rifleman 'S/8636' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
HOARE CECIL C Corporal 'Z/2569' Rifle Brigade 7th Bn. France
HOLLOWAY WILLIAM GEORGE W G Rifleman 'S/9960' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
HOWLETT  J Private '15847' Essex Regiment 11th Bn. France
HUDSON ROBERT R Private '14776' Border Regiment 8th Bn. France
HURST HORACE JAMES H J Rifleman 'S/10317' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
JERVIS ROBERT NORRIE R N Lieutenant Royal Engineers 83rd Field Coy. France
KENT JOHN ROBERT J R Private '2693' East Yorkshire Regiment "A" Coy. 4th Bn. France
KNOX  C Private 'S/5740' Seaforth Highlanders 9th Bn. France
LADNER ALBERT JAMES A J Gunner '57130' Royal Field Artillery 117th Bty. 27th Bde. France
LINDON ALFRED A Corporal '3049' London Regiment 20th Bn. France
LUSBY  G Private '15477' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. France
MARCHANT C Rifleman 'S/6586' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
MARSH ALFRED STANLEY A S Captain  Somerset Light Infantry 8th Bn. France
MARSHALL ROBERT NATHANIEL R N Private 'S/6994' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 11th Bn. France
MATHIESON HAROLD JAMES H J Private '5044' London Regiment (London Scottish) 1st/14th Bn. France
MEEK JAMES WILLIAM J W Private '2700' Yorkshire Regiment 1st/5th Bn. Belgium
MELVILLE  J A Private '8165' Royal Fusiliers 11th Bn. France
MENZIES JAMES J Private '8887' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 10th Bn. France
MIDGHALL A Private '19074' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
MILES CHARLES JOHN C J Private '23181' Grenadier Guards 3rd Bn. France
MONKS STUART C. S C Corporal 'PS/1589' Middlesex Regiment 19th Bn. France
MORTON HAROLD WILLIAM H W Rifleman 'S/11081' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
MURPHY JOSEPH J Corporal 'B/3008' Rifle Brigade 7th Bn. France
McDERMOTT HERBERT H Private '19077' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
O'NEILL  P Private '25752' Durham Light Infantry 11th Bn. France
PHILLIPS  E D Private '3659' London Regiment 20th Bn. France
PIPER WALTER J. W J Private 'PS/1852' Middlesex Regiment 16th Bn. France
PRIDHAM WILLIAM ALBERT STANLEY W A S Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers 12th Bn. France
REILLY JOHN J Serjeant '14102' Royal Garrison Artillery 59th Bty. France
RISK WILLIAM W Private '10244' South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Bn. Belgium
RYE  W H H Private '3610' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st Bn. France
SANDERS JAMES DONALD GERHARDT J D G Captain  Royal Flying Corps France
SCOTT  J Private '10783' Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) 2nd Bn. France
SLATER  H Private '23092' Grenadier Guards 2nd Bn. France
SMITH ALFRED BERNARD A B Private '19063' Grenadier Guards No. 3 Coy. 3rd Bn. France
SQUIRES GEORGE G Private '11188' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
STEEPER  C Private '3/1951' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry "C" Coy. 6th Bn. Belgium
STONE  S H Corporal '1658' Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 1st/5th Bn. France
STURMAN C Lance Corporal '16066' Norfolk Regiment 7th Bn. France
SULLIVAN GRIFFITHS JOHN G J Lance Corporal '11012' Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. France
TAMBLIN EDWARD E Private '14406' Army Service Corps 11th Labour Coy. France
TAPP  G Private '9398' The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 4th Bn. France
TAYLOR  J Sapper '6556' Royal Engineers 1st/1st (North Lancs) Field Coy. France
TOWNSEND G Private '16246' Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) 2nd Bn. France
VICKERSTAFF M Private '6/2973' Durham Light Infantry 1st/6th Bn. Belgium
WEEKS  C E Acting Bombardier '77767' Royal Field Artillery 459th Howitzer Bty. Belgium
WHITE  E R B Second Lieutenant Northumberland Fusiliers 1st/6th Bn. Belgium
WORSTER A H Rifleman '2773' London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) 18th Bn. France
WRIGHT  T Serjeant '14633' King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) 8th Bn. Belgium

4th JANUARY 1916
Total United Kingdom Forces Killed today 146

ANDERSON J M Private '14102' Highland Light Infantry 16th Bn. France
BEARHAM WALTER SIDNEY W S Private '21287' Bedfordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
BIDDLES ALFRED A Private '13990' Leicestershire Regiment "C" Coy. 8th Bn. France
BILLINGS HERBERT H Private '7768' Royal Fusiliers 11th Bn. France
BODKIN  A A Private '16096' Bedfordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
BYRNE  P Private '16190' Royal Dublin Fusiliers 8th Bn. France
CAMPBELL J S Sapper '79644' Royal Engineers 174th Tunnelling Coy. France
CARROLL JOHN EDWARD J E Private '12644' 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers Belgium
CARTLIDGE E Serjeant '13736' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 9th Bn. Belgium
CARTY  M Private '19234' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
CASTLE SIDNEY BATHO S B Lieutenant Middlesex Regiment 6th Bn. attd. 13th Bn. France
CHAPMAN E Corporal '13877' Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) "A" Coy. 9th Bn. Belgium
CLARK  W Corporal '13734' East Yorkshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
CLARKE  J Private '5452' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
COE  A Sapper '86342' Royal Engineers 173rd Tunnelling Coy. France
COLLINGBOURNE HERBERT CHARLES H C Gunner '360' Royal Horse Artillery 1st (Warwick) Bty. France
CORBETT  J Sapper '136087' Royal Engineers 174th Tunnelling Coy. France
COUSINS  P Private 'D/10056' 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) France
COX HUBERT H Corporal '17674' Gloucestershire Regiment 8th Bn. France
CROSSLAND BERTIE B Private '17855' Northumberland Fusiliers 12th Bn. France
DICKINSON FRANCIS LAUDER F L Private '5948' 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) France
DUNWELL FREDRICK LESLIE F L Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers 5th Bn. Belgium
DYKE  J Serjeant '12139' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
EARSWICKER R Drummer '9588' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 2nd Bn. France
EASTWOOD EDWIN E Rifleman 'C/69' King's Royal Rifle Corps "A" Coy. 16th Bn. France
FLEETWOOD G Sapper '102539' Royal Engineers 174th Coy. France
FORRESTER HAROLD H Corporal '13709' Lincolnshire Regiment 7th Bn. Belgium
FULHAM  H Gunner '79255' Royal Field Artillery "D" Bty. 70th Bde. France
GARDNER PAUL SILVESTER P S Private '1510' Royal Fusiliers "B" Coy. 18th Bn. France
HALL  E Private '13705' Grenadier Guards 2nd Bn. France
HARTLEY  G Private '19137' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
HESELTINE W Private '5893' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
HULSE  D Private '17606' East Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn. France
JOHNSON G A Private '5167' Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
KETCHELL  S C Lance Corporal '17988' Grenadier Guards 3rd Bn. France
KNIGHTS JOSEPH J Private '14181' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
LAWTON  J Private '34175' Royal Army Medical Corps France
LIEVARS  F Private '11958' Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 1st Bn. France
MASSEY  R Serjeant '2061' Welsh Regiment 9th Bn. France
MORGAN  A P Private '34763' Welsh Regiment 13th Bn. France
MOUNT EDWARD ALFRED E A Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers 9th Bn. Belgium
McKENZIE ALEXANDER A Sapper '136120' Royal Engineers 175th Coy. Belgium
NELSON  H W Private '15951' Lincolnshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
NEWTON  E Private '19695' York and Lancaster Regiment 10th Bn. France
NICHOLAS ARTHUR JOHN A J Private 'G/5536' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) "B" Coy. 6th Bn. France
ORTON  A Private '8328' Worcestershire Regiment 6th Bn. attd. 3rd Bn. France
PAYNE GEORGE ALEXANDER JACKSON G A J Private '338' Cheshire Regiment 13th Bn. France
PLAYER ALBERT EDWARD A E Private '1450' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 7th Bn. France
PUTLEY  O T Company Serjeant Major '3/9940' Suffolk Regiment 9th Bn. Belgium
RICHARDSON A Private '6664' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
ROGERS  J S Petty Officer '185718' Royal Navy H.M.S. "Victory." France
ROWLEY OBADIAH O Sapper '137514' Royal Engineers 176th Tunnelling Coy. France
SAMPSON THOMAS T Rifleman 'S/10340' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
SHAW ERNEST E Private '18376' Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Bn. Belgium
SHAW FRED F Sapper '136141' Royal Engineers 175th Field Coy. France
SHAW HARRY H Private '12481' Cheshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
SMITH SIDNEY WILLIAM S W Serjeant '2550' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) "C" Coy. 7th Bn. France
SQUIER  C E Private '19157' Grenadier Guards 3rd Bn. France
TEASDALE JAMES E. J E Gunner '1483' Royal Field Artillery 1st Northumbrian Bde. Belgium
TURNER  R Lance Corporal '6571' East Lancashire Regiment 1st Bn. France
WADEY  C Private '1473' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 7th Bn. France
WEBB  G Private '20045' Bedfordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
WHITE  G Gunner '75442' Royal Field Artillery "C" Bty. 73rd Bde. France
WHITE JONATHAN J Private '21747' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
WHITMORE B A Private '11228' Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
WICKENS SIDNEY S Private '3015' Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
WILLIAMS CECIL C Serjeant '1800' London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 6th Bn. France
WILLIAMSON A Sapper '136211' Royal Engineers 176th Tunnelling Coy. France
WITHINGTON W H Private '7816' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Bn. France
WOODBRIDGE EDGAR HARRY E H Company Serjeant Major '8229' Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Bn. France
WORSFOLD W C Serjeant 'S/882' Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 7th Bn. France
WREN ERNEST EDWARD E E Rifleman 'S/13151' Rifle Brigade "D" Coy. 7th Bn. Belgium
WRIGHT HENRY H Private '16282' King's Shropshire Light Infantry "A" Coy. 7th Bn. Belgium

3rd JANUARY 1916
Total United Kingdom Forces Killed today 175

ADAMSON R Private '1924' Northumberland Fusiliers 1st/7th Bn. France
AINSLEY JOSEPH J Private '13740' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. Belgium
AVENELL WILLIAM W Private '8495' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 1st Bn. France
BANKS  W W Company Quartermaster Serjeant 'L/7809' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
BARNETT FRED F Private '23458' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 10th Bn. Belgium
BELL CHARLES C Private '14649' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 9th Bn. France
BELL HARRY H Private '13312' The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 11th Bn. Belgium
BILLINGS SAMUEL WALTER S W Private 'PS/85' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
BLOWERS  A G Lance Serjeant '13385' Essex Regiment "C" Coy. 10th Bn. France
BOLSTRIDGE MARK M Private '1676' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France
BOSWELL RICHARD R Private '36328' Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. France
BOUGHTON HUBERT ERNEST H E Private '7592' Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Bn. France
BRIGGS JOSEPH LANE J L Serjeant '1607' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France
BROMILEY JAMES J Serjeant '5616' Lancashire Fusiliers 11th Bn. Belgium
BUNYAN  F Serjeant '15477' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
BUSSY  C Second Lieutenant South Staffordshire Regiment 10th Bn. attd. 8th Bn. Belgium
BYFORD  S J Private '19442' Durham Light Infantry 13th Bn. France
CHAMBERS GEORGE HENRY G H Private '1565' London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 1st/3rd Bn. France
CLAPHAM ALAN CHARLES A C Second Lieutenant East Yorkshire Regiment 4th Bn. Belgium
CLARK  M Private '17533' Royal Scots Fusiliers 6th Bn. France
CLARK  S C Private '1008' London Regiment 22nd Bn. France
COLE JOHN VERRILL J V Private '16614' East Yorkshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
COX  C Rifleman '1958' Rifle Brigade 3rd Bn. France
COX DAVID D Lance Corporal '7339' Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Bn. France
CROCKETT EDGAR G E G Rifleman '1585' Lon Reg (Prince of Wales' Own) "B" Coy. 1st/15th Bn. France
CROSS  H Private 'G/11168' Middlesex Regiment 4th Bn. France
DAWKINS WILLIAM GEORGE W G Private 'G/3911' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) "C" Coy. 6th Bn. France
DOLEMAN JOHN EDWARD J E Serjeant '5359' Manchester Regiment 12th Bn. Belgium
EDWARDS HARRY H Serjeant '160' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France
EUSTACE  W Rifleman '10077' Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Bn. Belgium
FRANCE WILLIE W Private '5677' Manchester Regiment 12th Bn. Belgium
GRUBB GEORGE HERBERT RICHMOND G H R Private '2706' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France
HAMILTON M T Private '14502' The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 4th Bn. France
HANKS AUBREY WILLIAM A W Private '1679' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France
HARRISON H Private '7189' Lancashire Fusiliers 11th Bn. Belgium
HARRY  A E Captain  Cheshire Regiment 3rd Bn. attd. 1st Bn. France
HARSTON G Private '20337' Yorkshire Regiment 10th Bn. France
HIBBERT  P Private '5671' Manchester Regiment 12th Bn. Belgium
HOUSTON WILLIAM W Corporal '15857' Highland Light Infantry "D" Coy. 17th Bn. France
HOWARD LEONARD L Private '5931' Lancashire Fusiliers 11th Bn. France
HOWARD THOMAS T Corporal '22570' Royal Dublin Fusiliers 8th Bn. France
HOWARTH JOSEPH J Private '2611' Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Bn. France
HUGHES  H R Gunner '35014' Royal Field Artillery 94th Bty. France
HYDE PERCY HUBERT P H Serjeant '13011' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. Belgium
JOBSON  G Private '2578' Northumberland Fusiliers 1st/7th Bn. France
KELLY  M Private '3417' South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Bn. Belgium
KERR FRANK F Private '15365' Bedfordshire Regiment 7th Bn. France
LAMMAS  W Private '18881' Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Bn. Belgium
LARCOMBE GEORGE G Private '12939' Welsh Regiment "A" Coy. 2nd Bn. France
LEE  A L Sapper '31049' Royal Engineers 15th Field Coy. France
LINDSAY  A Private '3515' Highland Light Infantry 16th Bn. France
LUCAS  H Private '14372' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. Belgium
MEAD JOHN J Private '1700' Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Bn. France
MEDHURST ALBERT A Private '332' Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
MONK CHARLES EDWARD C E Private '12411' Essex Regiment 9th Bn. France
MOORE  P Private '1966' London Regiment 23rd Bn. France
MORGAN  G E Serjeant '124' Royal Flying Corps 4th Sqdn. France
MOUNT  J Private '3163' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 10th Bn. France
MURRAY WILLIAM W Private '18234' Durham Light Infantry "A" Coy. 12th Bn. France
McCARTHY C Gunner '23328' Royal Garrison Artillery 59th Siege Bty. France
NESS  G W Private '3769' East Yorkshire Regiment 4th Bn. Belgium
NOKES ARTHUR A Private '1878' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France
NUTLEY  G Private 'G/7004' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) "A" Coy. 1st Bn. France
OSBORNE T Private '5987' Royal Fusiliers 13th Bn. France
PAIN HENRY AUGUSTUS H A Bombardier '21889' Royal Field Artillery 6th Div. Ammunition Col. Belgium
PAYNE  A Private '16049' Somerset Light Infantry 8th Bn. France
PEARCE JOHN J Private '8050' York and Lancaster Regiment 2nd Bn. Belgium
PLUMB FREDDIE CHARLES F C Driver '1373' Royal Engineers 4th (London) Field Coy. France
REITH  W Private '2209' Gordon Highlanders 1st/4th Bn. Belgium
RICHARDSON HARRY H Lance Corporal 'G/1262' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
RILEY  M Private '19182' Durham Light Infantry 12th Bn. France
RIVERS FRANK POOLE F P Rifleman '1239' London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) 1st/5th Bn. Belgium
ROSSBOTTOM W Lance Corporal '3388' Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Bn. France
RUTHERFORD A Lance Corporal '21449' Lancashire Fusiliers 11th Bn. Belgium
SHEPHERD J Private '12749' East Lancashire Regiment 7th Bn. France
SHONE JOHN J Private '5680' Manchester Regiment 12th Bn. Belgium
SMART  M Private '15902' Somerset Light Infantry 8th Bn. France
SMYTH MATTHEW M Rifleman '9/15906' Royal Irish Rifles 9th Bn France
SOUTHWOOD JACK STANLEY J S Private '22034' Gloucestershire Regiment "A" Coy. 1st Bn. France
STANLEY STANLEY S Corporal '1544' Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France
STANWENDER WILLIAM W Private '37436' Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. France
TAYLOR CHARLES WALTER C W Serjeant '673' 2nd King Edward's Horse Belgium
TAYLOR HORACE EDWARD H E Serjeant 'G/7206' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 1st Bn. France
TIMINGS  A J Private '13270' West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 11th Bn. France
WALKER  R Private '13283' Durham Light Infantry 12th Bn. France
WATKIN GEORGE EDWARD G E Private '16187' Manchester Regiment 12th Bn. Belgium
WATKINS RALPH R Serjeant '14176' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. Belgium
WHITNEY SEPTIMUS LEO S L Private '8/2834' Durham Light Infantry "C" Coy. 1st/8th Bn. Belgium
WIDDUP WALTER W Lance Corporal '15876' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. Belgium
YOUNG  J Corporal '13929' Royal Irish Rifles 9th Bn. France
YOUNG  T W Private '12517' Gloucestershire Regiment 10th Bn. France

2nd JANUARY 1916
Total United Kingdom Forces Killed today 175

ADAMS HENRY NEVILLE H N Serjeant 'PS/2' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
ARMSTRONG LOUIS L Private '7014' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
ASHLEY  A Private '14016' Coldstream Guards 3rd Bn. France
ASPEY ARTHUR A Private '17495' Cheshire Regiment 9th Bn. France
BAINES KENNETH JAMES MACKENZIE K J M Second Lieutenant The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 3rd Bn. Belgium
BALL  F E Private '13322' Worcestershire Regiment 2nd Bn. France
BANKS WALTER RALPH W R Private 'PS/42' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
BARKER  E Private '17152' Cheshire Regiment 9th Bn. France
BEALE EDGAR E Serjeant 'PS/3442' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
BEST FRANK ROBSON F R Lieutenant The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 4th Bn. France
BOWMAN JOSEPH J Private 'S/11257' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
BOYD THOMAS T Private 'S/17753' Cameron Highlanders 1st Bn. France
CARTER  A C Serjeant '13011' Worcestershire Regiment 2nd Bn. France
CHISHOLM J R Private '9733' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Bn. France
CHISHOLM ROBERT R Private 'S/7517' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
CLARK ALEXANDER B. A B Private '4/9703' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
COCHRANE PETER P Corporal '4/9282' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
COCKER MOSES M Private 'G/11027' Middlesex Regiment 1st Bn. France
COOK JAMES WILLIAM J W Private '22682' Grenadier Guards 2nd Bn. France
CRUTCHLEY S Private '11163' Leicestershire Regiment 6th Bn. France
DIXON  W Private 'G/202' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 6th Bn. France
EVANS WILLIAM W Private '15290' Royal Welsh Fusiliers "A" Coy. 10th Bn. Belgium
FOOTE  W Lance Serjeant '9247' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Bn. France
FRANKS FRANK WILLIAM F W Private 'G/62' Royal Sussex Regiment 7th Bn. France
GALLACHER JAMES J Private '16082' Royal Dublin Fusiliers 9th Bn. France
GAVIN  J Sapper '86589' Royal Engineers 176th Tunnelling Coy. France
GELLATLY  D Lance Corporal '20919' Royal Scots 2nd Bn. Belgium
GEORGE  C P Rifleman 'C/1153' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
GIBBS  G A Private 'G/703' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) "D" Coy. 6th Bn. France
GOLDING JAMES HENRY J H Private 'L/9625' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
GOMM ERNEST ARTHUR E A Lance Serjeant '19038' Wiltshire Regiment 6th Bn. France
GOODMAN JOHN VICTOR J V Rifleman 'C/575' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
GORMAN WILLIAM ALBERT W A Private '11188' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
GORST  L C Private '25193' The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 4th Bn. France
GOUGH ALBERT CHARLIE A C Private '3624' Gloucestershire Regiment 6th Bn. France
GRAHAM THOMAS T Private 'S/11116' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
GRAHAM  W Serjeant 'TF/47' Army Veterinary Corps Mobile Sect. France
GRAY DAVID JOHN D J Private '3155' Middlesex Regiment 12th Bn. France
GREEN HAROLD ERNEST H E Corporal 'C/499' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
HADLAND HAROLD H Serjeant 'PS/421' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
HALL  T Private '12781' Cheshire Regiment 9th Bn. France
HAMMOND D Rifleman '1336' London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) 1st/5th Bn. Belgium
HARE HUGH H Private '479044' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
HARGREAVES H Junior Reserve Attendant 'M/10587' Royal Naval Auxiliary Sick Berth Reserve H.M.S. "Pembroke"  (R.M.A. Anti-Aircraft Bde. Dunkerque) France
HAYTER  A J Rifleman 'C/1083' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
HICKMAN FRANK F Private 'M/30416' Army Service Corps 4th Labour Coy. France
HILL  A W Private '864' London Regiment 22nd Bn. France
HILTON  J T Driver 'T3/027992' Army Service Corps 146th Coy. France
HINDLE  R Private '4028' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 3rd/4th Bn. France
HOLLIWELL C W Serjeant 'C/1027' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
HOLZMEYER C Lance Corporal '14407' Bedfordshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
HOTHAM GEORGE NORRIS WAITE G N W Rifleman 'C/229' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
ISAAC HENRY JAMES H J Lance Corporal 'C/114' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
ISSATT GEORGE G Private '12480' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6th Bn. Belgium
JARVIE  J Private 'S/11278' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders "B" Coy. 2nd Bn France
JONES WATKIN W Private '21381' Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. France
JONES WILLIAM HENRY W H Private '4857' The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 6th Bn. France
KANE ROBERT HENRY R H Serjeant 'PS/560' Royal Fusiliers "D" Coy. 19th Bn. France
KAY WILLIAM W Rifleman 'C/539' King's Royal Rifle Corps "B" Coy. 16th Bn. France
KELLY GEORGE G Private 'S/11088' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
KILPATRICK DAVID D Private '3/6819' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
KING GEORGE G Drummer '12397' Worcestershire Regiment 2nd Bn. France
LAWLESS MARTIN M Private 'G/7027' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 1st Bn. Belgium
LAWRENCE H Private '21387' South Wales Borderers 10th Bn. France
LAWTON  G Private '6989' Worcestershire Regiment 2nd Bn. France
LEA  F Private '20150' Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Bn. Belgium
LEGG  J W Corporal '7608' Hampshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
LEWIS  G Private '10317' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 1st Bn. France
MAKIN EDWARD E Rifleman 'C/196' King's Royal Rifle Corps 16th Bn. France
MEDWAY PERCY BANKS P B Private '3622' London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles) 15th Bn. France
METCALFE A Private '13302' West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 11th Bn. France
MILNE GEORGE NORMAN G N Private 'S/6445' Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st Bn. France
MURDOCH JAMES BISSETT J B Private 'S/8527' Seaforth Highlanders 7th Bn. France
MURDOCK CHARLES C Private 'L/11526' Middlesex Regiment 4th Bn. Belgium
MURRAY JAMES J Lance Corporal '170' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders "B" Coy. 2nd Bn. France
MURRAY  N Private '13721' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn. France
McBRIDE VINCENT V Private '7536' Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 5th Bn. France
McCARTHY J C T Lieutenant Connaught Rangers 3rd Bn. France
McCOLL  J Private '9022' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
McKIE  J Private '1169' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
McNEILL  H Private 'S/1856' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
NEVILLE WILLIAM W Private '7573' Royal Scots 2nd Bn. France
NOBLE  E Private 'G/7691' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
OLIVER JOSEPH CUNDY J C Gunner '608' Royal Garrison Artillery 1st/1st (N. and W. Ridings) Heavy Bty. France
PALMER  S E Private '3234' Royal Sussex Regiment "C" Coy. 5th Bn. France
PASCALL THOMAS OSBORNE T O Private '747' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
PETTIT WALTER FREDERICK W F Private 'S/10185' Seaforth Highlanders 7th Bn. France
PIERCE JAMES J Private '21414' Gloucestershire Regiment 10th Bn. France
PLUMPTON FREDERICK F Serjeant 'B/3320' Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. Belgium
PYE  W Private '2308' The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 1st/9th Bn. France
RALLINGS ERNEST WALTER E W Private '13538' Essex Regiment "D" Coy. 10th Bn. France
RESTALL  H Private '2510' Gloucestershire Regiment 5th Bn. France
ROBSON REGINALD R Corporal '100450' Royal Engineers 33rd Div. Signal Coy. France
RODDY  D Private '17723' Royal Irish Fusiliers 1st Bn. France
ROWBOTTOM T Private '11560' Lancashire Fusiliers 16th Bn. France
SLEE LANCELOT L Private '22388' Grenadier Guards 1st Bn. France
SMITH  F W Private 'SR/134' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 6th Bn. France
SMITH THOMAS T Private 'S/11297' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn. France
SOUTH  G E Rifleman '2524' London Regiment (Post Office Rifles) "C" Coy. France
STEPHENSON J J Private '17032' King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 9th Bn. France
STEWART The Rev. JAMES ROBERT J R Chaplain 4th Class Army Chaplains' Department France
TARVER  H Private '14085' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
THOMSON ARCHIBALD A Serjeant '79634' Royal Engineers 176th Tunnelling Coy. France
TREADGOLD W Private '16209' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
TUCKER  A H Private 'G/657' The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) "B" Coy. 6th Bn. France
VALENTINE J J Private '14853' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 9th Bn. Belgium
WALKER  W Private '13461' East Lancashire Regiment 7th Bn. France
WHEAL  E Private '22863' Grenadier Guards 2nd Bn. France
WHILE PHILIP P Private '13162' Welsh Regiment 9th Bn. France
WHITEHEAD WILLIAM LEONARD W L Private '13452' Northamptonshire Regiment 6th Bn. France
WILBEE  R F Lance Corporal 'PS/1036' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
WILLIAMS A Private '7948' Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Bn. France
WILLIAMS J Sapper '132979' Royal Engineers 176th Tunnelling Coy. France
WILLIAMSON HARRY H Private 'PS/7631' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
WILSON  J Corporal '1289' Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 2nd Bn France
WOOD HENRY H Second Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
WOOD WILLIAM GEORGE W G Private '18385' Bedfordshire Regiment "C" Coy. 1st Bn. France

1st JANUARY 1916
Total United Kingdom Forces Killed today 159

AINSLIE  R Private '12033' Durham Light Infantry 2nd Bn. Belgium
ASHDOWN JAMES J Private '23309' Welsh Regiment 16th Bn. France
BARNES CHARLES C Private '17442' Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Bn. Belgium
BARNETT  R Sapper '82976' Royal Engineers 171st Tunnelling Coy. Belgium
BATEMAN E Corporal '19410' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
BECHER JOHN PICKARD J P Major  Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 8th Bn. France
BEETS FREDERICK JOHN F J Private '17613' Norfolk Regiment 7th Bn. France
BELL  R Private '2498' 6th Dragoons (Inniskilling) France
BOWCOTT HERBERT H Private '11992' Dorsetshire Regiment 6th Bn. Belgium
BRIEN ELIJAH E Private '19504' Bedfordshire Regiment 8th Bn. France
BROSNAHAN TIMOTHY T Private '5963' Irish Guards 1st Bn. France
BULMER  H Private '15785' York and Lancaster Regiment 10th Bn. France
BUTLER FREDERICK HAROLD F H Second Lieutenant London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 1st/6th Bn. France
CASEMORE FRANK F Lance Corporal '17365' Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Bn. Belgium
CHAMBERS WILLIAM ARTHUR W A Private '3675' Lon Reg (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles) 15th Bn. France
COOK REGINALD J. R J Lance Corporal '2632' London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 1st/6th Bn. France
CRAIG JOHN ROSS J R Driver '52662' Royal Field Artillery 24th Bty. Belgium
CROAGER  B H Rifleman '3690' London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles) 16th Bn. Belgium
DAVIS  H Private '8/12632' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
DEANE JOHN J Lance Corporal '5602' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
DEIGHAN  G Private '6747' Northumberland Fusiliers 11th Bn. France
DUGDALE MATTHEW M Private '11431' Northumberland Fusiliers "B" Coy. 10th Bn. Belgium
EWENS  W Sapper '85873' Royal Engineers 212th Field Coy. France
FACH  A Sapper '96100' Royal Engineers 222nd Field Coy. France
FARNSWORTH G A Pioneer '86066' Royal Engineers 212th Field Coy. France
GILLETT ROBERT R Sapper '25199' Royal Engineers 4th Signal Coy. France
GOMERSALL ERNEST HERBERT SHARP E H S Private '2190' West Yorks Reg (Prince of Wales's Own) 1st/5th Bn. France
GOODWIN THOMAS NOEL T N Corporal '19439' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
GRAY HENRY H Rifleman 'B/672' Rifle Brigade 8th Bn. Belgium
GROVE  F W Serjeant '16/331' Royal Warwickshire Regiment 16th Bn. France
GURTON  W J R Lance Corporal '13340' Royal Berkshire Regiment 8th Bn. France
HAGUE  J Lance Corporal '5787' King's Royal Rifle Corps 2nd Bn. France
HAMILTON JAMES J Driver '78940' Royal Horse Artillery 5th Div. Ammunition Col. France
HART  W Private '8/14012' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
HARWOOD CHARLES EDWARD C E Private '17816' Essex Regiment 10th Bn. France
HAYWOOD WILLIAM LEONARD W L Private '16160' Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 7th Bn. France
HORNBY  H Private '13998' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
HUNT  H Serjeant '186' London Regiment 24th Bn. France
HUSBAND J G Private '15925' Yorkshire Regiment 9th Bn. France
HUTLEY ROBERT R Private '7086' Northumberland Fusiliers 11th Bn. France
HYATT  W V Private '1774' London Regiment 20th Bn. France
JONES JAMES J Private '12506' Royal Fusiliers 8th Bn. France
JOYNES ARTHUR A Driver '1097' Royal Field Artillery 7th Bty. 3rd (West Riding) Bde. Belgium
JUBB  E Private '6440' Royal Army Medical Corps France
LANGFORD T Lance Corporal '19514' The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 13th Bn. Belgium
LAURENS SAMUEL JOHN S J Private '595' Royal Fusiliers 19th Bn. France
LAWRENCE JOHN THOMAS J T Private '7/13575' Yorkshire Regiment 7th Bn. Belgium
LEWIS IVOR I Private '2963' Royal Army Medical Corps 17th Field Amb. Belgium
LOCKETT  T J Private '18439' West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 11th Bn. France
LOWINGS  G Lance Serjeant '11414' Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 1st Bn. France
LOXDALE  E Private '2363' London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles) 15th Bn. France
MALLENDER W S Private '11248' Leicestershire Regiment 7th Bn. France
MANLEY  J Private '13300' West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 11th Bn. France
MARSHALL E Driver '1490' Royal Field Artillery 1st/3rd (West Riding) Ammunition Col. Belgium
MILLER ALEXANDER A Private '18387' Highland Light Infantry 12th Bn. France
MILLS  W H Private '8/11506' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
MOORE CYRIL C Rifleman 'R/10981' King's Royal Rifle Corps 7th Bn. France
MORLEY ARTHUR WILLIAM A W Private '16957' South Staffordshire Regiment 9th Bn. Belgium
MURPHY  T Private '9977' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
McARDLE  J Private '18505' East Lancashire Regiment 7th Bn. France
McCLARNAN J Private '14308' The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 9th Bn. Belgium
McDOUGAL T Private '24449' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
NEALE  H C T Second Lieutenant Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Bn. France
PATTISON ERNEST E Private '13507' Leicestershire Regiment 7th Bn. France
PEARSON  S G Private '15664' Royal Scots Fusiliers 1st Bn. France
PRATT OLIVER HENRY O H Private '13238' Leicestershire Regiment 8th Bn. France
ROACH  T Private '14533' West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 11th Bn. France
ROBSON  W C A Private '19485' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
ROSE JOHN B. J B Corporal '2584' London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 1st/6th Bn. France
ROWAN  J H Lance Corporal 'S/7659' Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 1st Bn. France
ROWLAND L Private '10411' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
RUSCOE  J Private '14603' King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn. Belgium
SALMON  W Lance Corporal '10809' Royal Fusiliers 9th Bn. France
SCHNEIDER DAVID JACK D J Serjeant '2764' London Regiment (City of London Rifles) "D" Coy. 1st/6th Bn. France
SHEARER ALFRED WALTER A W Private '20430' Royal Scots 2nd Bn. Belgium
STIRLING JAMES WILLIAM J W Private '16141' Northumberland Fusiliers "A" Coy. 10th Bn. France
SYKES JOHN WILLIAM J W Sapper '86260' Royal Engineers 170th Tunnelling Coy. France
TAYLOR DAVID JACK D J Serjeant '2764' ALIAS  France
THOMPSON WILLIAM FRANK W F Lieutenant Royal Army Medical Corps 99th Field Amb France
TWIST FREDERICK F Private '12043' Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Bn. Belgium
VERNON HAROLD H Corporal '91738' Royal Engineers Meteorological Sec. France
WALKER ROBERT R Private '5047' Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Bn. France
WARD  J Rifleman 'R/1519' King's Royal Rifle Corps 7th Bn. Belgium
WEARING A V Private '15604' South Staffordshire Regiment 8th Bn. Belgium
WEIR  W S Private 'S/11634' Cameron Highlanders 6th Bn. France
WEST  J A Sapper '85883' Royal Engineers 212th Field Coy. France
WHITAKER ARTHUR CECIL A C Captain  West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 11th Bn. France