Gallery Solace - WW 1 Documentaries on DVD
Gallery Solace - The Great War 1914-1918
Documentaries on the Great War
World War 1 In Colour - Complete TV Series [DVD] [2003]
This disc features over six hours of rare footage from World War 1 which has been painstakingly colourised by over 400 technicians over a period of five months. The resulting documentary attempts to give new relevance to the reality and the horror of the Great War. Narrated by Kenneth Branagh.
Price: £5.99
The Great War - BBC Series 6 Disc Boxset [DVD]
Narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave and featuring the voices of many other leading actors of the day including Sir Ralph Richardson and Marius Goring, this magnificent series is now available containing all 26 episodes, complete and uncut.
Price: £99.99
World War 1: The Great War [DVD]
WWI: The Great War is an excellent collection appealing to history aficionados, offering 10 and a half hours of viewing spread over four discs.

Price: £19.99
World War 1 (WW1) - The War To End War - 3 Disc Special Edition Box Set [DVD]
The War to End War is an unprecedented account of the history behind the First World War.
Price: £19.99
The First World War - The Complete Series [DVD]
Channel 4 s acclaimed history of WWI is a powerful and comprehensive account of the conflict. It places the war in a truly global military context, exploring many of the little-known campaigns and battles as well as the Western Front.
Price: £49.99
The Great War - 1914 - 18 [DVD]
The history of World War I is documented over the course of this eight-part programme. From the beginnings of battle in 1914 to the war's end in 1918, this is a comprehensive overview of an historic event.
Price: £19.99
World War 1 The Complete Story [DVD]
Three disc set. Includes: 'The War Begins', 'The Loss Of Innocence' and 'The Tide Of War Turns'.
Price: £34.99
The Great War - World War I (WWI) [DVD]
The entire history of World War I is documented over the course of this seven-part documentary. From the beginnings of battle in 1914 to the war's end in 1918--on the battlefield, in the air and at sea--this is a comprehensive overview of an historic event.
Price: £18.99
The Great War [2002] [DVD]
This release draws on a wealth of new visual accounts to relate the full story (and horror) of World War One.
Price: £9.99
Trenches - The Story of WW1 [DVD]
Seven-hour series chronicling life on the battlefields of World War I.
Price: £9.99
WWI: The Bloody War - 90th Anniversary Edition (8 DVD Box Set)
This HISTORY™ series explores the perilous conflicts and critical battles of World War I. With fascinating historical analysis and gripping first-hand accounts, this collection is a definitive chronicle of one of history's most bloody wars.
Price: £19.99
The Battle Of The Somme [DVD]
Archive footage and stills re-tell the story of the Battle of the Somme where on the first day alone sixty thousand lives were lost to German machine guns.
Price: £9.99
In The Line Of Fire - Famous Battles Of World War One [DVD]
Three features. 'Gallipoli 1915' tells the story of the ill-fated Allied campaign in the Dardanelles that was supposed to eliminate Turkey from World War I. Also features 'The Somme 1916' and 'Cambrai 1917'.
Price: £19.99
Tracing Your WW1 Ancestors - Finding Uncle Bill [DVD]
Number of discs: 2
Running time: 76 minutes
Price: £19.99
The Western Front - The Last Great Offensives 1917-18 [DVD]
Through rare and archived film footage, this documentary tells the story of the First World War on the Western Front.
Price: £14.99